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First released in 2008, Bollinger Rosé is a relatively new addition to the range.  This Champagne puts on spectacular display Bollinger's approach with and expertise in Pinot Noir, and showcases the play between power and refinement that defines Bollinger.  The wine starts with a base Special Cuvée: complex and full bodied, perfectly balanced with fresh acidity and a texture that only time can lend, creating a harmony of richness and elegance.  30% of the wine is vinified in used oak barrels of 228 liter barrels, with some 400 liter casks up to 40 years old. This commitment to traditional vinification is at the heart of Bollinger, and they are the only remaining Champagne producer with a cooper on staff.  The wine will have matured for 30-36 months on the lees, with a final blend of 40-50% reseve wines, and 5-10% of the blend consisting of reserve wines 5-15 years of age kept in magnum under cork - utterly unique in Champagne, and all together responsible for the vast spectrum of aromas and flavors, and signature creamy texture.

Then, because of the quality, density and power of Bollinger's still red Pinot, only 5-6% of red wine is added to make the Rosé, less than half (or even a third) what you find in typical Rosé Champagnes.  This lesser addition means the red fruits that join the conversation dance vibrantly, the finish has just a hint of perfectly ripe tannin, and the deep complexity of the wine shines through transparently.  Dosage is  7-8 grams per liter.  We like to say: "Fresh as a Rosé, balanced as a Bollinger".

In total the wine  is based on Pinot Noir (62%), and also contains 24% Chardonnay and 14% Meunier.  Over 85% of the wine comes from Grand and Premier Cru vineyards.  The still wine comes from two plots in Verzenay (Poirier Saint-Pierre and Montboeuf), which are farmed just like the famed Cote aux Enfants plot that produces Bollinger's singular still red wine, and is the red wine addition for La Grande Année Rosé. The 5-6% red wine is made in a Burgundian fashion, with minimal handling with a pure structure and fruit the objective. It sees 8 months in barrel.  Bollinger’s vineyards are the source for over 60% of their production, and they have been the first Champagne House to achieve the certification of “Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne”, the new set of standards established by the Champagne governing body to encourage stronger viticulture practices, as well as “High Environmental Value” accreditation in 2012.

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