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Margaux du Château Margaux


For nearly two decades, Château Margaux have been making a third wine from their estate as part of a stricter selection process for their Château Margaux and Pavillon Rouge.  Today's Chateau Margaux and Pavillon Rouge as a percentage of the estate's total production are often equivalent to the production of just Chateau Margaux from 30 years ago.  With the great vintage of 2009 it was clear that there were high quality vineyards producing high quality fruit that while not quite at the level of today's Pavillon Rouge, was still of a level that would make Chateau Margaux proud to put their name on the label.  Thus a selection of the top lots for a third wine was done, and a fourth wine was therefore produced (and sold off in bulk).  

This wine was produced to allow consumers - and especially consumers that have not experienced Chateau Margaux - an entry to Chateau Margaux.  The style of the wine and the timing of the release are intended so that the wine can drink when a vintage is launched.  Because it is 100% estate, production will not grow, and is quite limited at around 3,000 cases.


Margaux du Château Margaux bottle