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Pavillon Blanc

The production of Pavillon Blanc is an age-old tradition at Château Margaux. It was sold in the 19th century as "vin blanc de sauvignon" and has existed under the brand name Pavillon Blanc since 1920, and its label, apart from a few compulsory legal details, has not changed since that date.
The twelve hectare vineyard is made up exclusively of Sauvignon white grapes. It is located on a very old plot belonging to the estate, which did not qualify as part of the Margaux appellation when the boundaries were officially set in 1955, because of the high risk of spring frosts. It is a great consolation today to be able to harvest a white wine, which is not just original, but of excellent quality, too. Production conditions have changed considerably since the end of the 1970s. The age of the vines and shorter pruning have enabled us to bring down the yield to under 30 hectolitres per hectare, without provoking an increase in vine vigour. Even though Sauvignon grapes are very prone to rot (Botrytis Cinerea), they can reach a level of ripeness which rids them of their vegetal characters and brings out floral and fruity notes. The vinification process simply aims to express as closely as possible the qualities obtained in the grapes.
The juices are settled after a long and delicate pressing, in other words, they are decanted after the lees have shed their heavy deposit, and ferment in barrels at a controlled temperature. After seven or eight months of ageing in the same barrels, the wine is bottled.
The tasting characteristics of young Pavillon Blanc - finesse, complexity, richness, length, are surprising, even astonishing for a wine made only from Sauvignon white. After one or two years, the wine goes through a slightly dull phase, which can last several years. It seems to be looking for its identity. However, seven or eight years after its bottling, all of a sudden, it reappears, still dazzling but more subtle, mellow and delicate. This is the time to start drinking it again; that is, if you have been able to resist the temptation until then. But don't be in too much of a hurry, it will continue to improve for many years.
Pavillon Blanc bottle