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Le Logis


The Logis de la Giraudiere wine is made entirely of Cabernet Franc. In the vineyard, high training wires (over two meters) maximise leaf surface-area and avoid the need for topping during the vegetative time. Rows are alternately ploughed and grassed. This helps to maintain the soil’s microscopic fauna and humus potential and avoids soil-compression from the use of heavy machinery, such as tractors, in the vineyard.

Harvest has always been done by hand. The grapes are then transported to the winery in shallow trays so as to stay healthy. Vinification changes every year depending on the nature of the grapes. Sometimes, we have to do a carbonic maceration: whole grapes or bunches are macerated in a carbonic atmosphere coming from the crushing of the lower level grapes of the vat. Every year, there is more or less destemming, more or less fermentation. This is the opposite of a wine that could be reproduced every year.


Le Logis bottle