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Carte d'Or

Côteaux du Layon

The sweet wines of Domaine des Baumard are from vineyards planted along the Layon river, which flows northwest into the Loire. The perfectly exposed vineyards in the appellation Côteaux du Layon allow the Chenin Blanc grape to ripen perfectly, often enriched by the development of botryitis.  For the production of sweet wine, Florent Baumard prefers to harvest as late as the vintage weather permits, hoping for plenty of botryitis.  The grapes are harvested in successive passes or ‘tries’ through the vineyard, and any unsatisfactory fruit is eliminated.  The grapes are pressed quickly and the must fermented under temperature control.  Aging is done strictly without oak to preserve the elements of fruit and terroir. Baumard normally bottles several cuvées of sweet wine.  Côteaux du Layon ‘Carte D’Or’ is moderately sweet and deliciously young.

Carte d'Or bottle