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Carte Corail Rosé

Crémant de Loire

The Crémant de Loire appellation covers the region formerly known as Anjou and Touraine provinces. All of Baumard’s sparkling wines are Crémant de Loire and thus subject to stricter regulations than your run-of-the-mill mousseux.  Made entirely from Cabernet Franc, the Carte Corail has been produced at the Domaine des Baumard since 1957.

In the vineyard, rows are alternately ploughed and grassed. This helps to maintain the soil’s microscopic fauna and humus potential and avoids soil-compression from the use of heavy machinery, such as tractors, in the vineyard. High training wires (over two meters) maximise leaf surface-area and avoid the need for topping during the vegetative time. The grapes are hand harvested and placed in pneumatic press. Only first press wine is used. Refermentation is done in the bottle, and the wine is then aged on lees for over a year.

Carte Corail Rosé bottle