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Trie Spéciale


Savennières is a tiny region located on the northern banks of the Loire River, just across from the town of Rochefort Sur Loire.  The entire appellation consists of fewer than 200 acres (77 hectares) of vines, all planted to Chenin Blanc.  The South/Southeast facing vineyards are planted on unique soils composed of schistous volcanic debris mixed with sandstone and granite, imparting a strong, intensely original minerality to the Chenin Blanc grape.  Maximum permitted yields are the lowest in France for dry whites (25 Hectoliters per Hectare), resulting in wines of stunning concentration and perfume.  The combination of this concentration with the naturally high acidity of the Chenin Blanc grape results in wines capable of lasting and improving for decades.  Domaine des Baumard produces some of the finest examples of Savennières, including the “Trie Spéciale,” a late-harvested dry wine produced in exceptional years.  Jean Baumard and now his son, Florent, are universally regarded as the finest winemakers in the appellation.  Their wines are among the most unique and rewarding in the world: honeyed whites of unmatched concentration, perfume, and longevity.

Trie Spéciale bottle