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Guigal produces an intensely concentrated, inviting and complex Chateauneuf-du-Pape that is almost unique to the region today.  Their passion for Chateauneuf, the leading appellation of the Southern Rhone, runs as deeply as that for their home sites in the Northern Rhone.  The combination of working with top fruit that has perfect ripeness, along with their extraordinary patience in the cellar, results in rich and full, yet seamless and balanced wines.  The Guigals more specifically age their wine far longer than almost anyone in the appellation, allowing it to develop complexity of flavor and texture, and making for an outstanding drinking experience on release.  Signature notes of deep and pure red fruits, spices reminiscent of the flowers and herbs of the area, all wrapped in a full, lush body, make Guigal’s Chateauneuf gorgeous and irresistible.  
Guigal’s vinification approach enhances the superb raw materials they select by developing the rich, silky texture and complexity of the wine.  While they grow and purchase fruit in the Northern Rhone, because they cannot be on site in the Southern Rhone, they purchase wines as soon as possible after harvest, often before malolactic fermentation is even finished.  They look for wines of depth, balance and above all the ability to age and become great wines.  The wine spends 3 years in large oak cask, followed by extended bottle aging.  
Châteauneuf-du-Pape bottle