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Condrieu is the original home of the Viognier vine and is the source of one of the world’s most exotic white wines. The tiny, parcelated appellation (500 acres total) is located on steep granite hillsides beginning at a bend in the Rhône river just south of Côte Rôtie and continuing intermittently about 12 miles further south.  The granite hillsides have sand intermixed in their soils, and the vines for this wine average aroudn 30 years of age, and only produce around 2.4 tons of fruit per acre.
In the mid 20th century this appellation had fallen to no more than 20 acres of Viognier remaining - at the time, the only 20 acres of Viognier in the world.  Guigal was instrumental in bringing this appellation back from near extinction, and today supplements the production of their Condrieu vineyards with grapes purchased from numerous small growers, and ends up vinifying around a third of the entire appellation.
The delicately elusive perfume suggests pears, spice, and honeysuckle, while on the palate the wine is surprisingly rich and full-bodied, full of fruit but intensely mineral, with a sappy, bone-dry finish.  Truly a wine of texture, with a strong umami impression, a wine for both the intellect and the senses.  
Condrieu bottle