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Stickleback White

South Australia

The Stickleback White is a wine greater than the sum of its parts, with each variety bringing its own unique quality to the blend. Verdelho adds natural richness and acidity to the palate as well as a tell-tale spice character. Viognier contributes luscious body and texture. Semillon provides vibrant, zesty citrus characters. Flavors of white nectarine and apricot kernel and perfectly balanced by a crisp natural acidity on the finish. All components were harvested relatively early in the season for maximum freshness and bright acidity. Minimal skin contact and cool fermentation on lees heightens the mouthfeel of the wine.

Pale lemon in color, Stickleback white has a beautifully fragrant nose, with citrus & tropical fruit flavors bursting out of the glass. Fresh and lively, it makes a perfect summertime drink.


Stickleback White bottle