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Beaune “Clos des Mouches”

Premier Cru

 This vineyard sits at the southern end of the Beaune appellation, next to Pommard. The name “mouches" means flies, and refers to the bee-hives that once existed in this sun-drenched clos. Approximately half of the vineyard is planted to Pinot Noir, the other half to Chardonnay. The Clos des Mouches Red is unlike Beaune Reds in that it does not search for a personality, it has a strong identity already. It is a bit high and close to Pommard Epenots, and you can say it has class like Epenots, but really it’s defined by its harmony. It doesn’t have the tannin typical of Beaune or Pommard, it has very fine tannins. Full of red fruit and minerality, it’s almost anti-Beaune in that it’s doesn’t rest on a base of spice and tannin. It’s even easy to deal with and age.

Beaune “Clos des Mouches” label