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Grand Cru

The commune of Aloxe-Corton, located above Pernand-Vergelesses at the northern end of the Côte de Beaune, has the unusual distin tion of having over half its area covered in grand cru vineyards. These occupy 298 acres divided among 19 climats which take the Corton grand cru appellation for red wines; five among these, totalling 120 acres, take the Corton-Charlemagne grand cru appellation for white wines as well as the Corton grand cru appellation for red wines. The history of Aloxe-Corton is not complete without the contribution of the Emperor Charlemagne. It is known that he owned vines on the hillside above Aloxe, which, in 775, at age 33, he bequeathed to the Abbey of Saulieu in recompense for the destruction of their monastery by the Saracens. At this point in history, most of the vineyards were in red vines, and it is supposedly due to Charlemagne’s wife that the first white vines were planted.

This wine comes from the Pernand side.  Lucien Le Moine takes it through an early malolactic fermentation, and it is the only wine they mature at length after malolactic, to soften it.  This approach resulted from a mistake – they had two barrels in 2001, one near the door and one deeper in the cellar; the one near the door went through malolactic sooner, and when they were ready to bottle the two barrels together they found they loved the one that went through earlier malolactic fermentation.

Corton-Charlemagne label