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Meursault "Perrières"

Premier Cru

The Perrières premier cru covers 33 acres broken into five parcels on the upper slope of Meursault, between Blagny and Les Charmes. Perrières is considered universally to be the finest of the premiers crus of Meursault, with a finesse and complexity unequalled in the appellation. It takes its name from an old quarry, or “carrière”, which once furnished building stone to the village of Meursault  The Cardinal de Bernis, ambassador of Louis XV to the Vatican, once remarked, in defence of his indulgence in the wines of Perrières, “I would not wish my creator to see me grimace at the moment of communion."

As Mounir likes to say, the easiest way to explain the meaning of the world of minerality is through Meursault "Perrières".  If you don’t have saltiness in your mouth after tasting a wine, a sense of fleur de sel, it’s not "Perrières".  Liquid rock come to life.  Small white rocks, limestone in the vineyard.

Meursault "Perrières" label