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Grand Cru
Bonnes-Mares is a wine of paradox.  The Cote de Nuits area has two faces – it faces east, with a part of it is facing a bit north, and a part a bit south.  The border between north and south is the border between Morey-St-Denis and Chambolle Musigny.  Here sits Bonnes-Mares, on both sides, and exposed both to the north and south .  There is also an important difference in limestone within the Bonnes-Mares vineyard, with some white and some brown limestone.   Mounir thinks of Bonnes-Mares as the ambassador of all the Cote d’Or – taste 15 wines from the Cote de Beaune and Cote de Nuits, and when you come to Bonnes-Mares it will have all the fruit, tannin, sweetness, and spice of the wines you just tasted.  Because of its multi-dimensional power and beauty, Bonnes-Mares has become one of if not the signature wine from Lucien Le Moine.
Bonnes-Mares label