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Clos de la Roche

Grand Cru

Clos de la Roche lies on an easterly-exposed slope at the northern end of Morey-Saint-Denis, divided by the road leading to Gevrey-Chambertin, and shares some of the nuances associated with the grands crus of the commune. It is divided into eight parcels totalling 41.75 acres: Les Genavières, with 2.2 acres; Monts Luisants, with 9.25 acres; Les Mochamps, with 6.3 acres; les Froichots, with 1.6 acres; Les Fremieres, with 5.6 acres; Les Chabots, with 5.3 acres; Les Chaffots, with 0.2 acres; and Clos de la Roche, proper, the largest parcel, with 11.3 acres.  

Lucien Le Moine produces a Clos de la Roche most years, and it is an electrifying wine, full of personality - the animal side of Morey-St-Denis melding with sweet fruit and tannins.  It is a wine, Mounir notes, with a distinctive sour and spicy note.

Clos de la Roche label