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Chambolle-Musigny "Les Charmes"

Premier Cru

The largest Premier Cru in Chambolle-Musigny and a yardstick - it is fresh in expression, ripe, juicy and elegant in its fruit and simply delicious.  Mounir Saouma likes to describe the Lucien Le Moine Chambolle-Musigny as a paradox, saying it is only Chambolle in the finish.  The vineyard is at the same level as Clos de Vougeot, with lots of clay, resulting in power in the mid palette, but mixed with the sand of Chambolle leads to perfumed aromas and sweetness.  Mounir also says that the wines from "Les Charmes" are also notable for their consistency; when you have to pick a bottle from the cellar, "Les Charmes" will always impress.

Chambolle-Musigny "Les Charmes" label