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McLaren Vale

The Lopresti Family growers have provided fruit for Mitolo from the very beginning. Sourced from Sandra’s Block, matriarch of the Lopresti family, this wine is a tribute to Frank Mitolo's mother, Angela, matriarch of the Mitolo family.

Angela is a slightly different expression of Shiraz which comes from Sandra’s block, and is located about 5km south of the Chinese Block. The soil and geology of this block differ slightly with less black Biscay clay and more alluvial Christies Beach formation. This soil type contains rocky fragments that have been sheared off the nearby hills and deposited in this soil millions of years ago. This soil type is free draining, resulting in less vigor over spring and more content vines in the ripening period. This leads to a brighter wine style with signature Mitolo Shiraz softness. Angela is lifted with pure, ripe berry flavors at the forefront and subtle oak, allowing the fruit flavors to shine.

Angela bottle