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Reiver Shiraz

Barossa Valley
“Reivers” were the raiders of the Anglo-Scot borders. Throughout the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries the border country was ravaged by lawless Reiver families in a vicious cycle of raid, reprisal and blood feud. Their allegiance was first to their family, not the crown.  
The wine is made from Shiraz on free draining soils over limestone, from a high altitude site in Greenock. 60 year old Shiraz vines have thrived here, unirrigated since planting. Greenock lies approximately 10 miles to the North-West of the geographical heart of the Barossa Valley. The altitude of Greenock varies markedly with the undulating hills, the Mitolo vineyards sitting at over 1,650 feet above sea level. The vineyard rows have a North/South orientation meaning the canopy captures maximum sunlight throughout the day and is cooled by the southerly valley winds during the afternoon.
This orientation also reduces the risk of canopy damage during days of intense heat and hot northerly winds. Average daily maximum temperature during summer is 77 degrees with a cool 54 degrees average night temperature.  
Reiver Shiraz bottle