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12 May 2014 News

Some great new press with the release of Ayala Brut Nature.  It’s featured on the front of the Wine Enthusiast article “It’s Champagne Season”. With a score of 91 Points, the Brut Nature’s review is as follows:

“Ayala specializes in dry Champagnes, and this is the house’s extreme example. It has just the right amount of bottle age to soften its intense acidity and develop some toastiness and fruit. It can be enjoyed now, but a few more months in bottle would make it even better. Nature Champagnes are naked Champagnes. There is no dressing up with the dosage (added sugar) to soften the naturally high acidity. Nature wines stand and fall on their own, warts and all. The fashion has split the Champagne world. Some believe that climate change aided the production of very dry wines that pair with food, and others see the wines as too tight and tart to be pleasant. This Ayala shows that with great care and selection, it’s possible to make very dry wines of remarkable quality. It’s essential to serve it with food, where its cutting acidity can handle even the richest fare.”