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13 July 2017 News

Click here to see a nice mention of Ayala in a article on the trend of low-dosage Champagnes.

Ayala is noted as an OG dry Champagne producer whose Brut Nature is a reflection of both its history and its current au courant approach:

“In 1865, Edmond de Ayala, of the eponymous brand AYALA, enthralled British consumers by offering a Champagne with only 22 grams of residual sugar during a time when most houses dosed their wines with two to five times that amount…Ten years ago, Champagne AYALA, too, returned to its roots with the release of its nonvintage Brut Nature.”

Lots of cool-kid somms in this piece espousing the benefits of low dosage; let’s not forget that Ayala is the boutique Grand Marque!