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15 July 2016 News

Wine writer Dave McIntyre in the Washington Post this week—a “love letter” to Champagne Bollinger that describes the new Galerie 1829 and La Réserve (together, the “Wine Library”) specifically, as well as Bollinger generally. Below is an excerpt.

“Why a Bollinger champagne, c. 1914, tastes especially sweet

AY, FRANCE The Bollinger champagne house sits on a bluff above the French village of Ay, just east of Épernay. Ay is a sleepy little town that boasts more mileage in its underground cellars than on its cobblestone streets. You descend 49 uneven steps to enter the cellars, which are modest compared with those of some champagne houses. But it would be easy to get lost down there. The dimly lighted brick-lined tunnels extend for more than 3½ miles, stacked with thousands of bottles, magnums and Jeroboams of champagne, each a time capsule of a vintage past and an invitation to a celebration to come.”

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