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6 January 2017 News

Craig LaBan of published a report on “8 great Champagnes for New Year’s.” Among them is Bollinger’s Special Cuvee. An excerpt is below. Click here to see the full article!

“When it comes to the big Champagne houses, Bollinger may be my favorite (especially for its pricier Grande Année vintages) because it embodies the gold-plated luxury of a rich, indulgent, mouth-filling toasty complex bubbly. Its nonvintage Special Cuvee is a nice compromise that’s still a splurge, with the tiniest of bubbles cascading across a deeply golden and yeasty wine that makes me think of ginger biscuits. A blend of pinot, chardonnay, and meunier, it also shows glints of red fruits, lime, marzipan, and nuts.”