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11 July 2013 News

We wanted to pass along some big news unveiled at Vinexpo a few weeks ago concerning La Fleur-Pétrus.  With the acquisition of 10 acres adjoining Le Pin, La Fleur-Pétrus now encompasses 3 parcels of 45 acres on the plateau of Pomerol.  The charming 1782 farmhouse on the first parcel is unfortunately no longer able to handle the vinification to the standards of the Moueix family, and so the announcement: the building and cellars previously used to vinify and age Chateau Providence and Hosanna are now Chateau La Fleur-Pétrus.  Christian Moueix held a lunch at the “new” LFP to make this announcement, and you can see some pictures below of the Chateau and attendees arriving at the lunch:


















This new facility is adjoining one of the La Fleur-Pétrus plots, and has the advantage of being central to them and also in the center of Pomerol.  You can see attached a map of the plots, the Chateau, and their relativity to other landmarks on the Pomerol plateau.  Christian Moueix tied in the celebration of this announcements with the 100th anniversary of his father’s birth.  La Fleur-Pétrus was his father Jean-Pierre Moueix’ first purchase, in 1950, and the start of the incredible group of Pomerol vineyards he acquired, including Pétrus and Trotanoy.  It was a special day, which started with a tasting of the 2005-2010 vintages of LFP, the period in which this property has grown to be considered among the very top estates in all of Bordeaux.  This tasting was followed by the lunch, in the cellar, still quite small and simple as you can see.  Only two wines were served, but they were from 2 great Pomerol vintages, and did more than enough to testify to the elegance and seduction that are the hallmarks of La Fleur-Pétrus: 1970 and 1998.