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23 February 2015 News

In a wide-reaching Decanter profile, writer Andrew Jefford goes into detail about Christian Moueix’s current projects.  Christian  has been keeping busy notably overseeing improvements in his vineyards and grooming his son, Edouard, to eventually take over the family business.  The elder Moueix’s main vineyard project is to advance the drainage systems of his Pomerol vineyards.  As the author points out, “anyone who has toured Pomerol after a rainy spell will know that drainage here is often inadequate.”  Christian Moueix is solving the problem of the flat Pomerol plateau by installing new wells and pumping systems.  The years to come will certainly prove to be grand as the father-and-son team continue to produce expertly crafted wines.  As the author concludes, “the two seem to work well together, and share the same ideals and aims, the same delicacy of touch, the same aesthetic way of enjoining life and conceiving of wine.”  A combination like that can be sure to continue to succeed into the future.

An excerpt from the article can be found here.