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6 April 2012 News

Some photos from Chateau Margaux!

Tasting Margaux

Corinne Mentzelopoulos’ beagles, with a neighboring dog on the steps of Margaux











With some of the lowest yields ever, very small berries and tannin levels subsequently higher than 2010 and at an all time high.  Petit Verdot ripened well so there is actually 2% in Chateau Margaux and 8% in Pavillon Rouge.  The wines are caressing but powerful, with silkiness and finesse.  A lot below the surface.  Pavillon Blanc is the best we’ve ever tasted, made in a very fresh style, only 13.4% alcohol.



Photos from Chateau Pontet Canet!


Pontet Canet Cellars

Pontet Canet Horse - big boy!



Pontet Canet Vines









What Alfred Tesseron has done transforming Pontet Canet to a biodynamic estate, farmed almost half by horse today (step by step going to fully farmed by horse) is quite extraordinary.  He’s spent thirty years slowly rebuilding this estate, acting thoughtfully and prudently.  The emphasis is on doing things by hand, in a way that forces you to interact with the environment.  For example, he built concrete tank fermenters in 2005, but there is no temperature setting: hot and cold valves are turned by hand, and temperature has to be taken manually.  The 2011 is one of the best wines of the vintage, floral with complex, spicy red fruits, totally complete and very long.  Attached you can find shots of Michael with the horse in training – they have 5 working full time and this one is in training for 1 year before he will be used full time.  They will eventually have 12 horses to cover the whole vineyard, which you can also see in a photo, more rolling hills than flatland.