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12 April 2010 News

Wine Entusiast‘s Roger Voss was on the ground in Bordeaux for Primeur Week, and has posted his initial reviews of the vintage. The wines are excellent across the board, he reports, with some châteaux producing their finest efforts ever, at least in the initial tastes. As others have reported, this is a ripe year that has found impeccable balance, with rich flavors and smooth tannins. Says Voss:

Across the region, there are great wines. Comparisons are being made to 2005, 1982 and, even, for those with long-enough memories, to 1947. There are also some references made to records from the 1893 vintage. Although the summer was long and hot, the daytime temperatures never reached the excessive levels of 2003. Nor were summer nights as warm as those in 2003. That means that 2009 wines are balanced, even with all their richness.

Any way you slice it, 2009 was a great year, with many stellar wines. Roger’s reviews are below the jump. Enjoy!


Château Pétrus 2009
“Rich, sweet and concentrated, with a definite spicy character and soft tannins. This is richer than many Pétrus in the past, textured like velvet, with final acidity.” 97-99 Wine Enthusiast

Château la Fleur Pétrus 2009
“There is great weight here, a wine that is dark and dense, packed with superb dusty tannins. Solid and with a firm core, but also opulent.” 93-95 Wine Enthusiast


Château la Serre 2009
“There is wood here, the fruit is fresh, with a lively acidity on top of the core of tannin. A bright, fresh, blackcurrant wine.” 90-92 Wine Enthusiast


Château Margaux 2009
“A beautiful wine, great elegance, delicacy and charm. The balance is perfect, with the freshest black currant character. At the center are dry tannins and a solid texture.” 95-97 Wine Enthusiast

Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux 2009
“Very rich, dense, pushing great blackberry fruits and ripe tannins. As always on the level of a classed growth.” 92-94 Wine Enthusiast

Pavillon Blanc du Château Margaux 2009
“Soft, ripe, pineapple and mango flavors. An exotic wine powerful, but with extreme freshness, touched by honey.” 92-94 Wine Enthusiast


Château Cos d’Estournel 2009
“A hugely rich wine, where the tannins seem initially lost in the overwhelming fruit. It has power and concentration, showing its alcohol a little. There is great intensity, but a taste like super-ripe Zinfandel, from the very ripe fruit.” 94-96 Wine Enthusiast


Goulée 2009
“Soft, fleshy and fruity, with tannins that are very ripe. The fruit has blackberry juice, sweet with an edge of licorice.” 90-92 Wine Enthusiast