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10 April 2010 News

Jancis Robinson, MW, has posted her reviews of the 2009 Bordeaux vintage. Château Margaux came in for the highest score of the vintage, 19+/20, followed closely by Château Pétrus (19), Château La Fleur-Pétrus (17+), and Pavillon Blanc and Rouge (17 each). Full reviews are below the jump.


Château Pétrus 2009, Pomerol
“Very dark crimson. Very subtle and exciting on the nose. Really rich and round and vibrant. Very sweet and exciting. So luscious. Great richness, A certain gentleness of texture. Exciting. Very well mastered – no excess. Very rich too. The tannins very well hidden.” 19/20 Jancis Robinson

Château La Fleur-Pétrus 2009, Pomerol
“Bright, deep crimson. Polished, scented, quite concentrated. Just a little inky. Lots of substance and classic interest. Real density. Chewy finish. Solid quality that recalls older vintages.” 17+/20 Jancis Robinson

Château Providence 2009, Pomerol
“Dark crimson. Another wine, like Hosanna, where the ripeness is extreme. Very sweet start. Big and inky and muscular. Pretty rude tannins on the finish. A bit of a big blusterer. A bit ungainly. Good for those who seek mass? A little bit of alcohol on the end. But solid true wine – not confected.” 17/20 Jancis Robinson

Saint Émilion

Château La Serre 2009, Saint Émilion
“Quite fragrant and pale. Luscious and delicate. Relatively lightweight and the fruit seems a little too informed by the oak at the moment but there is some refreshment here.” 16/20 Jancis Robinson


Château Margaux 2009. Margaux
“Very dark crimson. Sumptuous nose – just gorgeous. So fine, so ripe but with lovely freshness too. Margaux finesse. Truly a wonderful nose. The nose is really the thing already. Will it ever be difficult to drink? Breadth across the palate. Just wonderfully relaxed and fresh and beautifully balanced. Soft tannins on the finish, very very long. We debate whether the texture is cashmere or silk.” 19+/20 Jancis Robinson

Pavillion Rouge 2009, Margaux
“Bright crimson. Very fragrant, like the Issan. Quite low key. Very sweet palate entry and light and just a little herbaceous on the palate. Some chew as though the lots with the least ripe tannins went into this. Deep throat warming finish though. Very pure.” 17/20 Jancis Robinson

Pavillon Blanc 2009, Margaux
“Spicy, slightly stinky, catty nose. Rather more lift than in some recent vintages. Lanolin and richness but lots of lemon and grapefruit too. They are picking a bit earlier and not including the very ripest grapes. Because the alcohols were getting just a bit too high – sometimes over 15%. This was scary. Started reacting in 08 but Nature helped. Much reduced crop – see the video. Mierals and tension quite different from the old fat style, Very interesting, Should age longer. Perhaps less distinctive – more like a particularly refined Pessac-Léognan?” 17/20 Jancis Robinson