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2nd December 2014 News

Men’s lifestyle website, Men’s Health, included The Signature Collection in their “The Best Food and Booze Gifts for Men” holiday gift guide story. Displaying an image of the entire collection, Men’s Health favorably reviews the cognacs and Tesseron Cognac, saying “If there was ever a “craft” distillery for cognac, Tesseron would be it. For over 100 years the Tesseron family has been quietly making some of the world’s finest cognacs on a small estate in the heart of the region, available only to the major houses for use in their quality blends. But 10 years ago, owner and cellar master Alfred Tesseron released his own blends of French brandy whose quality ranges from excellent to ethereal. This year, Tesseron released four signature expressions in handblown bottles just in time for the holidays. Yes, it’s expensive, but for this level of quality it’s worth it.”

The full list of gift ideas is here.