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22nd December 2014 News

The Daily Meal published an article titled “Tesseron: Rare Cognacs from a Rare Family”. Writer Roger Morris introduces the Tesseron family by noting, “it is rare in the world of wine and spirits that the same family owns a top-rated château in Bordeaux as well as a maison producing top-shelf Cognac.” He then offers an overview of both estates, speaks to Alfred and Melanie Tesseron’s involvement as 3rd and 4th generation guardians of the family estate, and talks about his personal experiences with Alfred. Roger then addresses The Signature Collection, stating “during this holiday season, a bottle of Tesseron Cognac makes a superb gift for a treasured friend or an even better gift for oneself to enjoy over many a long winter’s evening,” in addition to providing his tasting notes on the three elaborations.

The complete article can be read here.