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22nd January 2015 News

Tesseron Cognac is the sole Cognac House featured in the latest post from Katie Kelly Bell, titled, Best Fireside Sips For Winter: Cognac, Armagnac And Whiskey. Katy frames the highly favorable reviews against the Tesseron family’s longstanding history of producing cognacs, and the decision to sell the cognacs under the family name. In praise of the elaborations, she notes, “I am quite partial to the Tesseron Royal Blend bottling, an exquisite release—available for the first time ever in the company history; it’s comprised of Cognacs spanning two generations. But if you don’t have $1,500 to spare, you’ll still be pleased with the Tesseron XO Passion Cognac ($300). Nutty and rich with threads of spice and dried fruits, a blend of over 30 different Cognacs that have been aged for over 10 years.”


The full article can be found here.