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5 February 2015 Feature, News, Videos

Bloomberg TV, one of the premier business TV channels, aired a segment with our President and CEO, Michael Quinttus, yesterday during their early evening show Taking Stock with Pimm Fox. The segment was teased by host Pimm Fox as “Drinkable history up next!” before the commercial break, after which the almost 4 minute segment aired in which Michael discusses the growing market for luxury cognac. The segment, Sipping Success, highlights Tesseron Cognac as an unique producer of high-end cognacs within the category, illustrated by the recently introduced Signature Collection cognacs. Viewers are treated to imagery of the XO Passion, Extra Legende and Tresor decanters, as well as of the Tesseron family-owned vineyards and cellars, when Michael talks about the elaboration of Tesseron’s fine cognacs. You can watch the segment here on the Bloomberg TV website.You can also download the segment via this link.