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2nd April 2015 News

CasaLife Magazine, the Dominican Republic´s leading high-end, English language magazine, recently showcased Tesseron Cognac.  Enriched with photography of the estate, vineyards and cellars, the piece tells the story of Tesseron and the recent introduction of The Signature Collection and Royal Blend decanters.  The magazine concludes that with Tesseron, “There is nothing better to crown a festive celebration or friendly gatherings!”

Highlights of the Tesseron Signature Collection bottles are included below:

  • XO Passion: “an assemblage of 30 separate eaux de vie, each aged more than ten years and selected for their elegance, lightness, and very floral quality.”
  • Extra Legend: “a marriage of the finest reserves of Grande Champagne from 50 separate eaux die vie, each aged for a generation.  It boasts of a beautiful maturity with fruity notes and a smooth, velvety finish.”
  • Tresor: “a blend of more than 100 separate Eaux-de-vie, and aged more than two generations in the renowned Tesseron family’s “Paradis” cellars.  It has a rich, bold character that also displays tremendous finesse.”
  • Royal Blend: “this is a selection of fifty distinct Grande Champagne blends from Ugni Blanc and Colombard grapes, all aged for more than two generations.  Lively and vivid with exceptional fruity and floral characteristics, one sip transports you to the harvest in Cognac.”

The full piece can be downloaded by following this link.