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24 November 2015 News

F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal just came out with their 65 top-ranked spirits of 2015. Tesseron’s XO Tresor is #4! See below the text from the article.

“Spirit Journal, Inc. announces today in the just-released December 2015 edition of F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal the newsletter’s sixty-five top-ranked spirits of 2015. Each spirit earned the Spirit Journal’s highest score of five stars/Highest Recommendation.

Said Spirit Journal founding editor F. Paul Pacult, “These distillates are milestones for their category. Ranking such five-star excellence isn’t easy. Some, however, are so extraordinary, in particular the top ten, that we feel compelled to showcase them. 

4.) Tesseron Trésor Grande Champagne Cognac (France; Vintus LLC, Pleasantville, NY); 40% abv, $1,200. Blew us away for depicting how magnificent Grande Champagne Cognac can be and makes the strong case for terroir in Cognac.”