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14 December 2012 News

The World of Fine Wine has published a spectacular profile of Disznókő in its latest issue.  Good technical details on the Aszú process and great notes on the current 5 Puttonyos 2005, among other wines.  “If must is the chosen medium for maceration, then the Aszú berries are left uncrushed, added (half and half berries and must for five putonyos) when the must has fermented to 2-3% ABV, and allowed to rise to the top. Maceration lasts two to three days, with some pumping over.” Also excellent background on how Tokaj emerged after Communism and Disznókő’s role: “Disznókő was the first spectacular estate; it showed what a winery can be, with a great aesthetic and great site.  It became a benchmark for the region”.