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9 December 2014 News

The folks at Dog Point Vineyard have begun a series of special trade tastings around the world, ¬†featuring every vintage of every wine they’ve ever made from 2004 on. The 10th anniversary celebration, called “A Decade of Dog Point,” is scheduled to take place in San Francisco and New York in the Spring of 2015. ¬†An article from the New Zealand Herald talks about the first very tasting in Marlborough. Below is an excerpt; click here to read the full article!

“”You can’t call your wine a dog!” declared an Australian distributor when James Healy and Ivan Sutherland showed him plans for their new label. “We were mildly panicked for a while, but then thought ‘bugger it’,” recalls Healy. A decade later and Dog Point has established itself as an iconic name in New Zealand wine.

Healy and Sutherland have been celebrating 10 years of Dog Point by hosting a series of tastings featuring every wine the label has ever made from the 2004 vintage onwards. I was lucky to attend the one held last month on their home turf, in Marlborough, which offered a fascinating insight into the wines and the people behind them.

Dog Point has become such an intrinsic part of New Zealand’s fine wine scene, it feels like it’s been around forever. But then Healy and Sutherland are no Johnny-come-latelies and hit the ground running after honing their skills as winemaker and viticulturalist respectively at Cloudy Bay.”