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15 December 2014 News

New Zealand wine writer Raymond Chan writes about his experience at the first Decade of Dog Point tasting in Marlborough. Below is an excerpt.

“The Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc is at the more complex end of the variety’s expression without going to full-on winemaker inputs. It relies on its fruit for its character, but the breadth, range and layers of flavours are on another level compared to the vast majority of other Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs. The ‘Section 94’ is Sauvignon Blanc in an alternative style, with strong and positive winemaking art that still respects the fruit. Many see it as their version of Cloudy Bay ‘Te Koko’, and while it shares the same alternative Sauvignon Blanc category, it is a very different wine, and one in its own right. The Dog Point Chardonnay is arguably one of New Zealand’s top Chardonnays, quite contemporary in style with great complexity. And the Dog Point Pinot Noir is rapidly joining the status of the other wines, showing the potential of Marlborough’s Southern Valleys as a district for outstanding Pinot Noir.”

Click here to read his complete notes!