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15 December 2014 News

A recent article in the Telegraph Luxury section describes a tasting of four Dog Point offerings.  The writer’s views of the Marlborough wines are listed below.

  • Sauvignon Blanc 2013:  “The 2013 is looking magnificent…Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc 2013 plays with the flavours of juicy shards of white and pink grapefruit, with lemon and minerals.”
  • Dog Point Section 94 Sauvignon Blanc: “an oak-aged sauvignon. Dog Point Section 94 Sauvignon Blanc comes from a particular block in the original Dog Point vineyard and is matured in French oak barrels to give it more fullness and texture.”
  • Dog Point Chardonnay 2011: “has a pleasing clash of smoky oak and vivid citrus but it doesn’t feel heavy or locked-in.”
  • Dog Point Pinot Noir 2013: “Tasting down from 2013 to 2004 and then back up again through the years, you can feel them homing in on the potential of the raw material, making decisions (changing the balance of the clones used, reducing the toastiness of the oak, and now also including more grape stems in the ferment) that pull the wine into better shape, so it hangs like the folds of a heavy damask curtain, and smells like the scent of very ripe, dark raspberries when tropically-fat drops of rain are falling at dusk.”

The entire article can be read here.