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15 June 2017 News

Elin McCoy just published this piece in Bloomberg, recommending Dog Point SB as one of “the three wines that should always be in your fridge.” Check out the excerpt below!

“As I write this, the temperature on my deck is 94 degrees and a light, crisp, refreshing white to beat the heat will be what I crave most at the end of the day (and even before). But trust me, this style of wine is appealing at any time of the year.

My go-to bottles? Zingy sauvignon blancs, especially those from New Zealand because just about every one of them packs a lot of flavor and aroma for the price. In my fridge right now is 2016 Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc ($20). Like so many sauv blancs from that country, it has bright floral-herbal aromas and juicy, citrusy, tangy notes that make it easy to sip without food, yet also pair well with goat cheese, cold takeout salads, grilled fish, Thai curry, and much more.

A surprising number of other whites fit this style profile. Think Portugal’s light, fresh vinho verdes, pinot blancs from Alsace, and Italian pinot grigio and friulano.”

Click here to read the full article.