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1 April 2016 News

Decanter writer Stephen Brook explains how Beaune can offer such good value Burgundy, and picks nine top red Beaune reds to try. Domaine Chanson’s 2012 Clos des Feves is number 1 on his list. An excerpt is below. Click here to see the review!

“For the wine lover, the relative obscurity of Beaune has advantages. Many a producer remarked to me that a good Beaune premier cru usually costs less than a village wine from, say, Chambolle or Vosne-Romanée. And though many Beaune wines have great charm and accessibility when young, they can and do age well.

Beaune is not the easiest appellation for consumers (or wine writers) to understand, if only because there are no fewer than 42 premiers crus. Mere village vineyards tend to be on flatter land in the southern sector near Pommard. That almost 80% of vineyards are rated as premier cru has invited a skeptical response from some observers. But the explanation is far from sinister. As the town has expanded, it has done so into the prettier northern districts. That meant encroaching on vineyards, so that many of Beaune’s former village vineyards now house estates or hotels. That is why merchants produce premier cru blends in considerable volumes, both for marketing purposes and because it allows them to blend together wines from sites that are either too small or not quite good enough to justify their own single-vineyard bottlings.”