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26 October 2011 News

On Thursday, October 13, 2011, The Miami Herald online posted a great article on the Loire Valley’s ability to make excellent wines from grapes that elsewhere are considered “second-rate”.  They say that their climate and soils combination create fresh, lively, and crisp with acid wines that are pleasant as aperitifs and great with food.  Not only are the Loire Valley wines producing excellent wines but they are sold at friendly prices. Below is an excerpt of the wines that were most highly recommended – note the multiple mentions of Domaine des Baumard!


•  2007 Domaine des Baumard ‘Quarts de Chaume’ Dessert Wine (chenin blanc), Loire Valley, France: crisp and sweet, with flavors of honey and apricots; $60.

•  2007 Domaine Fournier Sancerre ‘Grande Cuvée’ (sauvignon blanc), Loire Valley, France: hearty and rich, with pink grapefruit flavors; $23.


•  2007 Domaine des Baumard Savennières (chenin blanc), Loire Valley, France: oaky aroma, rich, honeyed quality, tart finish; $23.

•  2008 Domaine des Baumard Savennières ‘Clos du Papillon’ Single Vineyard (chenin blanc), Loire Valley, France: rich, aromatic, with nutty aromas and burnt sugar flavors; $35.

•  2009 Domaine Fournier Sancerre ‘Les Belles Vignes’ (sauvignon blanc), Loire Valley, France: light and crisp, with white grapefruit flavors; $22.

•  2008 Domaine Furnier Sancerre ‘Cuvee Silex’ (sauvignon blanc), Loire Valley, France: very crisp, with aromas and flavors of lemons and limes; $23.




To read the full article, click here.

(Featured Bottle Image- Domaine des Baumard ‘Quarts de Chaume’ Dessert Wine)