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29 April 2014 Feature, News

Wine Spectator posted an article about James Molesworth tasting through 10 years of Domaine des Baumard under screw cap with owner Florent Baumard. Florent Baumard says, “if I had known what I know now, I would’ve made the change 30 years ago, not just 10.” ¬†Stelvin, the leading brand of aluminum screw caps, keeps the wines fresh and focused indefinitely. “We believe our wines age well. And oxidation is not aging. That’s why for me, it’s important to do this,” said Baumard. You can read the full article on the rest of Florent Baumard’s visit to the Wine Spectator’s New York office with nine vintages of Savenni√®res and Quart de Chaume by clicking here.