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19 June 2013 News

Josh Raynolds  wrote a piece on Stephen Tanzer’s Winophilia blog entitled “Screaming Values: Chile’s Unbeatable Sauvignon Blanc Bargains”.  Raynolds says the maturing wine industry in Chile is due to many factors, including producers are more willing to plant vineyards in cooler high-altitude and ocean-influenced regions of the country and Sauvignon Blanc is especially having success. Mentoning Errazuriz as “one of Chile’s most highly regarded estates, producing some of the country’s best-value wines as well as some of its more prestigeous and expensive.” He says “Their 2012 Sauvignon Blanc Reserva Aconcagua Valley ($12, Vintus) is an outrageous value, offering musky citrus and orchard fruit aromas and flavors and impressive focus and structure thanks to bright acidity. I’d stack it up against any $20 sauvignon blanc from anywhere in the world.” Click here to read the full post.