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19 September 2014 News

Errazuriz plays a major part in a recent story published in Decanter magazine on the new wave of exciting Pinot Noirs  coming out of Chile (October issue). While initially many Chilean wineries aimed to produce a super-charged style of Pinot  Noir with lots of concentration and new oak, nowadays they seem to be focusing on purity of fruit and varietal typicity. Wine critic Patricio Tapia writes:

“Until the 2010 vintage, Errazuriz’s best Pinots came from La Escultura vineyard, a warm zone of the cold Casablanca Valley. But the new vineyard in Aconcagua Costa began to enter production with the 2011 vintage. In an area approximately 10km from the cold Pacific and 100km north of Santiago, Baettig began to apply everything he had learned in Casablanca, especially harvesting (up to a month) earlier, protecting the delicate grape skins with foliage, and trying to obtain a more delicate style of Pinot Noir. ‘I wanted to get away from sweetness; I have increasingly less tolerance for sweetness in wine,’ he says. The current vintage, the 2013 from Aconcagua Costa is the first step in this direction. Lively and nervous in acidity, it vibrates with intense flavors of red fruits. Eliminating the new oak during ageing removes the toasted notes and allows the fruit to show itself without any reservations.”

Click here for a partial PDF of the article.