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13 October 2014 News

Errazuriz is among the Chilean wineries featured in the Wine Enthusiast’s Special Issue, “SOUTH AMERICA COMES OF AGE.” See the introduction below:

Once a bit player on the global wine scene.  South America has spent the past two decades evolving into a legitimate powerhouse.  Step by step, Wine Enthusiast kept tabs on the story.

“Vineyards unfurl against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks in this 2,700-mile-long ribbon of land wedged between some of the planet’s most stunning mountains and an icy sea.  An with the country averaging only 110 miles in width, people say that in Chile, you never more than a two-hour drive from the snow or the Pacific Ocean.”

Click here for the Errazuriz mentions and photos of Kai, Vinedo Chadwick and Max Reserva Chardonnay.