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20 May 2015 News

An article on Priorat on reports on how certain Priorat winemakers are being inspired by winery practices in Oregon, such as gravity-fed techniques and delicate grape-handling processes. Sergi Ferrer of Ferrer Bobet is quoted – see below for the excerpt, and here for the full article.

“Technologically, wine is evolving constantly,” Sergi Ferrer-Salat, co-founder of Ferrer Bobet, said in an interview in London during a recent Decanter tasting. “In the New World there’s a lot of experimentation going on. For us the Pacific Northwest was a bit of a reference in gravity-fed wines.”
Ferrer Bobet built its winery back in 2002, just as the region’s winemakers were starting to carve a niche for fresher, more elegant styles of wines.

Over the past decade its wines, and those of its neighbors, have established a reputation for regional personality, aging potential and quality, partly achieved through more rigorous grape selection.
“Easily 50 percent of what’s produced by the vine ends up not being put in the bottle,” Ferrer-Salat said.

Ferrer Bobet’s hand-harvested Seleccio Especial 2010 from hundred-year-old vines is priced at $99.95 at Sherry-Lehmann in New York while its Vinyes Velles wine from the same vintage carries a $49.95 tag, according to the merchant’s website. Prices are similar elsewhere, according to”