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15 June 2018 News

To accompany the launch of Champagne Bollinger R.D. 2004 and true to our promise that “Life Can Be Perfect”, Champagne Bollinger invited two members of Club 1829 to live an exceptional moment and discover the brilliance of R.D. 2004 in the warm light of Southern Italy, on a yacht trip along the Amalfi coast.

A short film of this perfect moment can be found here.

14 June 2018 News

Wanda Mann, for The Daily Meal, has a conversation with Philippe Guigal on the history of the estate, his approach to wine-making and what, in his opinion, makes the wines of Guigal so special. After, they taste through some wines and Wanda offers this, of the Cotes du Rhone Rose 2017: “There’s rose and there’s really good rose! Guigal’s rose is consistently balanced, flavorful, and fresh.” Read the full conversation and tasting notes here.

8 June 2018 News

Men’s Health Magazine writer Markham Heid lists the top 14 wines to buy right now. Among them is Guigal’s Cotes du Rhone red and says “almost any offerings from first-rate wine merchant E. Guigal – starting with their excellent Cotes du Rhone Rouge” are definitely among the list. See the entire piece here.

8 June 2018 News

Today is National Rose Day and the team at OFF THE MRKT, a lifestly & real estate publication, discuss a few of their favorites. Among them is Guigal’s Cotes du Rhone 2017 Rose, which they note as “bursting with irresistible fresh red fruits making it a favorite among rose lovers everywhere.” Read the rest of their praise and the entire article here.

1 June 2018 News


Summer is almost here and Guigal has made yet another list of the top rose wines for the warm weather. Elly Leavitt of domino appreciates the low cost of Guigal’s Cotes du Rhone Rose 2017 and feels “This medium-bodied wine is perfect for pairing with whatever you’re grilling at the moment.” See the rest of Elly’s comments, and the full post, here.

31 May 2018 News

In a recent article on Escapadas.UK, author Lorenzo Belenguer discusses Stephanie Morton-Small’s ideas behind creating The Owl & The Dust Devil augmented reality app. He states, “Stephanie was inspired by the inquisitive owls and the dramatic whirlwind formations in Remolinos Vineyard at Finca Decero wine estate in Argentina. Drawing on these two natural wonders she named, wrote, designed and did the voiceover to create the full story of The Owl & The Dust Devil working alongside a digital team to create her short animation film.”

Read the full article here


30 May 2018 News

Marnie Old of Philly.com lists her favorite rose wines at each price point. Taking the lead in the under $15 category is Guigal’s Cotes du Rhone Rose as Marnie explains they “are among the world’s most robust, delivering red-wine-like traits in a chillable pink package.” See the rest of her comments on Guigal, and the full list, here.

30 May 2018 News

The London Economic picks The Owl & The Dust Devil as it’s “Wine of the Week” praising its unique and innovative augmented reality app. The author states, “The multi-sensory experience begins by either touching the screen to move the owl or blowing it to form the Dust Devil: this kick starts a whimsical, animated short film about the charming story of the roles of both the owl & the dust devil in protecting the vineyard.”

Read the full article here

29 May 2018 News



We are thrilled that Tom Marquardt and Patrick Darr of the Capital Gazette sing such high praise of the rose wines from Guigal and Ponzi. For Guigal, “a perennial favorite of ours, the consistently good Guigal delivers fresh raspberry and citrus notes with balanced acidity and long finish.” Regarding Ponzi Vineyards, they remark “This fabulous pinot noir house from Oregon’s Willamette Valley has produced an excellent, balanced rose with a beautiful rust/orange color and generous strawberry and citrus aromas.” See the full list here.

29 May 2018 News

Tom Mullen of Forbes Magazine details the wines, and wineries, producing white wine from local Abbruzese grapes and illustrates why you should be tasting these now. In discussing Masciarelli, Mullen mentions of Gianni Masciarelli,  “who, through constant toil and focus, put Abruzzo’s grapes on the map as having international merit…” The full article can be found here.