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13 July 2015 News

Swide, a lifestyle magazine, just released a piece featuring the top wine pairings for Italian fish recipes. Le Macchiole’s Bolgheri Rosso was selected as a perfect match for cacciucco, a traditional seafood stew. Below is an excerpt from the piece; click here to read the full article!

“Contrary to what you may think, cacciucco (be careful of the Tuscans, who spell and pronounce it with five c’s!) is a slow-cooked dish with great persistence, and the Moorish pepper and aromas demand a red rather than a white, which would ultimately succumb to the intensity of the flavour. For a local pairing, therefore remaining in the area of ​​Livorno, the city that invented the dish, the most suitable reds are the Bolgheri DOC wines based on Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot, French vines from Bordeaux who found a similar terroir here to that of the Garonne. The Adeo di Campo alla Sughera (€20), with its notes of blueberries, bay leaves and black pepper, is a perfect pairing, although it has a slightly darker profile. For those who want more freshness and dynamism, even though the depth of the blackberry and crispy plum notes with a nice streak of liquorice and cocoa make it luscious and inviting, there is the Bolgheri de Le Macchiole (€17) by Cinzia Merli, which has become a “must” wine in the area for its never dull light-heartedness and its pleasantness.”