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24 November 2015 News

Wine writer Charles Scicolone wrote a great piece on the evolution of Paleo Rosso after tasting a vertical of the wines with Cinzia Merli last month. In its early days, the wine was a blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. It evolved into a pure expression of Cabernet Franc with the 2001 vintage.  Below is an excerpt.  Click here to read the full post!

“Cabernet Franc is usually seen as the ugly duckling of the family compared to Cabernet Sauvignon. It is greener, rougher, untamable, a difficult challenge to manage. In Bolgheri, Cabernet Franc is something thoroughly different. Its tannins are softer, it is extremely fruity and amazingly fresh, characteristics that help us make the best of every harvest”, said Cinzia Merli.

The decisive turn came in 2000: due to the exceptionally warm summer season, the winery was forced to add a higher amount of Cabernet Franc to the final blend to give the wine freshness and acidity. And it began to dawn on them that they were ready for the big leap: transforming Paleo Rosso into a 100% Cabernet Franc wine. They completely changed the wine’s structure while keeping its name and the winery’s signature style unchanged.”