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16 August 2013 News

An article in the New York Times features the négociants of Burgundy and explains how the world of Burgundy has evolved remarkably over last 30 years.  Many négociants, despite not owning any land, are meticulous producers of top-quality wines. An excerpt on Lucien Le Moine appears below. To read the full article, click here.

“The négociant house Lucien Le Moine is run by Mounir and Rotem Saouma (he is Lebanese and she is Israeli), who bottle only grand crus and premier crus. Le Moine’s methods hark back to when négociants were known more formally as négociant-éleveurs. Le Moine does not buy grapes, as most négociants try to do today. Rather, it selects juice or very young wine that has been fermented by the growers and then “rears” (from the French verb élever) the wine itself in its own barrels and cellar.”