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1 August 2014 News

Super piece here by Benjamin Lewin on a visit to see Mounir Saouma of Lucien Le Moine.  He pretty much nails Mounir.  Favorite quote:

Mounir is a complicated person – “I listen to Dylan every day and read Nietzsche” – and conversation with him is thought-provoking, running in every direction like quicksilver. For every question I asked, the answer provoked more lines of investigation. He has a very definite view of winemaking. “I saw the need for a place where we would make wine in the old tradition – not the young tradition, which is the last 30-40 years. There was a window for a policy of ‘I don’t do.’ Many people were saying ‘I do so and so.’ The objective was to be as classic as possible.”

Photo credit to Lewin on Wine, the entrance to Mounir’s cave as pictured in the piece.